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Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Parts

Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Parts Baracuda

Purchase parts on this page by clicking on the key number in the diagram or by scrolling down below the diagram.

Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Parts
Diagram #
Name / Part Number
1 on diagram

T5 Engine Assembly

Part Number: R0507700
10 on diagram

Diaphragm Dura Life

Part Number: X73010
13 on diagram

T5 Front Disc

Part Number: R0508200
14 on diagram

T5 Rear Disc

Part Number: R0508100
15 on diagram

T5 Foot Pads

Part Number: R0508400
16 on diagram

Twist Lock Hose - 1 Meter

Part Number: R0527700
Qty Pricing Available
17 on diagram

Hose Weight - Blue

Part Number: X70105
18 on diagram

Flow Gauge

Part Number: W70335
21 on diagram

Flowkeeper Valve

Part Number: W60050
22 on diagram

Inground Valve Cuff

Part Number: W70263
23 on diagram

Twist-Lock Elbow

Part Number: X73011
24 on diagram

45 Degree Elbow

Part Number: W70244