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Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Parts

Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Parts Baracuda
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Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner Parts
Diagram #
Name / Part Number
1 on diagram

T5 Engine Assembly

Part Number: R0507700
10 on diagram

Diaphragm Dura Life

Part Number: X73010
13 on diagram

T5 Front Disc

Part Number: R0508200
14 on diagram

T5 Rear Disc

Part Number: R0508100
15 on diagram

T5 Foot Pads

Part Number: R0508400
16 on diagram

Twist Lock Hose - 1 Meter

Part Number: R0527700
Qty Pricing Available
17 on diagram

Hose Weight - Blue

Part Number: X70105
18 on diagram

Flow Gauge

Part Number: W70335
21 on diagram

Flowkeeper Valve

Part Number: W60050
22 on diagram

Inground Valve Cuff

Part Number: W70263
23 on diagram

Twist-Lock Elbow

Part Number: X73011
24 on diagram

45 Degree Elbow

Part Number: W70244