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Hayward Perflex EC65, EC65A, EC75, EC75A DE Filter Parts

Hayward Perflex EC65, EC65A, EC75, EC75A DE Filter Parts Hayward

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Hayward Perflex EC65, EC65A, EC75, EC75A DE Filter Parts
Diagram #
Name / Part Number
1 on diagram
4 on diagram

Filter Head With Vent Valve, Taupe

Part Number: ECX11194AT
5 on diagram

Pivot Pin, Perflex EC30/40/50

Part Number: ECX1013
6 on diagram

Complete Noryl Bump Handle

Part Number: ECX1040
8 on diagram

Filter Head Screw Set

Part Number: ECX10271A
11 on diagram

Tube Sheet Screw

Part Number: SPX1500N1
11a on diagram

Flat Washer #10

Part Number: ECX1641125
12 on diagram
13 on diagram


Part Number: ECX9611246
14 on diagram

Retainer for Perflex DE Filter

Part Number: ECX1014
15 on diagram

Thrust Washer

Part Number: ECX1011
16 on diagram

Top Tube Sheet, Perflex EC65/75

Part Number: ECX1104
17 on diagram

Diaphragm Gasket, Perflex EC65/75

Part Number: ECX1105
18 on diagram

Bottom Tube Sheet, Perflex DE

Part Number: ECX1103
19 on diagram

Tube Sheet Nut

Part Number: SPX1500Y1
20 on diagram

Flex Tube ea.

Part Number: ECX1031
20 on diagram
21 on diagram

Bolt 1/4"-20x1-3/4" Hex Head

Part Number: ECX1642215
22 on diagram
23b on diagram
24 on diagram
25 on diagram
26a on diagram

O-Ring (SP-1425)

Part Number: SPX1425Z6
26b on diagram

O-Ring for Strainer, 1-15/16" ID

Part Number: SPX1500W
27 on diagram
28 on diagram
28a on diagram
28b on diagram

Gauge Adapter

Part Number: ECX12866
28c on diagram

O-Ring for Gauge Adapter

Part Number: ECX1287
29 on diagram

Filter Body w/ New Elbow Assembly

Part Number: ECX11184AT
30 on diagram

Perflex Bump Shaft Kit

Part Number: ECX1014A
31 on diagram

System III Base Kit

Part Number: EC65BLP
32 on diagram

Pump Discharge Elbow

Part Number: SPX1485B
33 on diagram

Union Nut

Part Number: SPX1480C
35 on diagram

O-Ring (SP-1425)

Part Number: SPX1425Z6
37 on diagram

Mounting Foot Cap Screw

Part Number: SPX1600Z52
39 on diagram

Pump Mounting Screw Set

Part Number: ECX1161Z2