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Hayward SP714T 1-1/2" Vari-Flo XL Valve Parts

Hayward SP0714T 1-1/2" Vari-Flo XL Valve Hayward

Purchase parts on this page by clicking on the key number in the diagram or by scrolling down below the diagram.

Hayward SP0714T Vari-Flo XL Valve Parts Diagram
Diagram #
Name / Part Number
1 on diagram
2 on diagram

Key Cover Handle Assembly

Part Number: SPX0714BA
3 on diagram

Valve Handle

Part Number: SPX0710XF
4 on diagram

Nylon Washer

Part Number: SPX0710Z16
5 on diagram

Handle Pin

Part Number: SPX0710XZ7
6 on diagram

Cover Screw (Set of 6) SP0714T

Part Number: SPX0714Z1
7 on diagram

Cover O-Ring SP0714T

Part Number: SPX0714L
8 on diagram

O-Ring Shaft Seal Assembly

Part Number: SPX0735GA
9 on diagram

Spring Washers, Metal (Pack of 2)

Part Number: SPX0710Z62
10 on diagram

Valve Spring

Part Number: SPX0603S
11 on diagram

Key Seal Diverter Assembly

Part Number: SPX0714CA
12 on diagram
13 on diagram

Sight Glass Threaded, w/ O-Ring

Part Number: SPX0710MA
14 on diagram

Valve Body w/ Gasket & Sightglass

Part Number: SPX0714A
15 on diagram

Diffuser For SP0714T Valve

Part Number: SPX0714D
16 on diagram

Valve Clamp for Pro-Series

Part Number: GMX600NM
17 on diagram

O-Ring 6-3/4"

Part Number: GMX600F