Aqua Products NE346, ABTTJET Aquabot Turbo T-Jet Cleaner

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Aquabot Turbo T-Jet, the first cleaner powered only by a built-in pump motor. With its reusable internal filter, the T-Jet Aquabot pool cleaner is essentially a powerful pump and filter on wheels. Gone are the complexity and cost of operating and repeatedly fixing antiquated cleaners of yesteryear.

   This SimplyReliable™ design provides;
• The most powerful vacuum flow rate
• The ability to clean most pools in as little as 1 hour
• An operating cost of only about 2¢ per hour
• Up to 30 times greater energy efficiency than other cleaner

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to clean your pool? Having to run your pool’s filter system as much as 50% longer with a ‘suction-side’ cleaner or essentially doubling your electric bills to run a ‘pressure-side’ cleaner booster pump is just outrageous. How about those wear and tear parts that you have to constantly replace? Are you going to repeat this costly cycle or worse, buy one of those other antiquated cleaner types that you’ve seen in stores since as long as you can remember?Aquabot T-Jet

This time consider Aquabot Turbo T-Jet, the virtually maintenance free ‘robotic’ pool maintenance system that works without hoses, booster pumps or your pool’s filter system and actually pays you back. In fact, Aquabot Turbo T-Jet is capable of saving you as much as $2,500 in energy every year, including saving you up to 80% of water and 30% of your chemicals, while cleaning most pools in as little as 1 hour. There is a better way and you’re reading all about it.

Aquabot T-Jet Specs The T-Jet Aquabot pool cleaner removes larger debris, traps finer dirt, circulates and filters more water, and replaces up to 70% of your pool’s main filter operating time. All the while T-Jet works automatically and without hoses, pool filter connections, costly to run booster pumps or any of those familiar costly wear and tear parts. The virtually wear and tear free, American made Aquabot Turbo T-Jet offers you the greatest long term reliability of any cleaner technology available today and energy savings that can potentially pay for itself in just a few months. A simple Directional Flap diverts the flow of water to hydraulically propel the Aquabot Turbo T-Jet The Directional Guidance Axle ensures systematic turning every time Aquabot Turbo T-Jet moves forwards to provide complete coverage of any pool


Filtered pressurized water emits as power wash jets to DeepCleanTM what (sand, silt, pollen, algae) and where (pool pores, seams and corners) brushes and other cleaners can’t.


With nearly 10 times the vacuum water flow of suctionside and pressure-side cleaners and more powerful than most main pool filter systems, the T-Jet Aquabot pool cleaner traps everything from palm leaves and pine needles to solid spheres as large as 1.5” in diameter in its massive reusable 34 quart capacity ultra-durable filter bag.


Aquabot Turbo T-Jet captures fine dirt particles, such as sand, silt, pollen and algae, as small as 2 microns (that’s down to 10 times smaller than what many main pool filters can remove).


Once water passes up through the Aquabot pool cleaner's internal filter it is diverted and expelled out the back (or front) of T-Jet on an upward angle circulating pool water layers. The result is an equalization of temperatures (lowering heat loss to save energy) and chemicals (for healthier swimming water and reduced chemical consumption).

More Information
Product Name Aquabot Turbo T-Jet Cleaner
Manufacturer Part Number NE346, ABTTJET
SKU AQP-20-260
Brand Aqua Products
Pool Cleaner Type Robotic
Type of Debris Medium
Type of Debris Small Leaves, Medium Leaves, Large Leaves, Sand, Silt
Surface Type Plaster, Tile, Vinyl
Voltage 120V
About the Manufacturer
Aqua Products, Inc. is an American born, American based company and its entire domestic operation proudly produces its leading engineered robotic technologies in the United States. We are purely dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing and production of a consumer product that allows you to enjoy your pool more instead of cleaning it all the time.
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