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5 Pool Cleaning Tools for this Spring


One of the most time consuming parts of swimming pool maintenance can be the removal of leaves and debris that falls from the trees. We have 5 hand picked and operated pool cleaning tools that will make your life a lot easier. And the less time you spend cleaning the pool, the more time you have to enjoy it!

olar-Breeze NX2 The Solar-Breeze NX2, is the 2018 model of our autonomous solar powered pool cleaning robot. According to SolarPool Technologies, it is the world’s only automatic solar-powered pool cleaning robot that skims the pool surface to remove debris before it sinks to the bottom. The cleaner also has a build it chlorine dispenser that will dispense chlorine while in use to help keep pool water clean. You can read more about it on our blog post Product Review: Solar-Breeze.

leaf-masterLeaf Master
The Leaf Master (some call it a “Leaf Eater”) is an awesome low-tech tool that removes leaves and other debris from the swimming pool using the power of your garden hose. It connects to a standard pool pole and has swivel wheels on the bottom for easy turning. The filter bag slips on and off quickly. It comes with a standard size bag, and you can get a sand/silt extra large bag that is a finer mesh. This is the tool that most pool cleaners cannot live without.

Dolphin Nautilus Plus
The Dolphin Nautilus Plus makes pool cleaning easy, just drop it in and let it do all the work for you. Unlike other cleaners, the Nautilus plus features CleverClean Pro technology – the latest and most precise navigation system for complete pool coverage. It cleans the floors, walls, and scrubs the waterline. It also comes with a patented swivel cable that helps prevent cord tangling, and a weekly timer, keeping usage hassle free. This cleaner will scrub, vacuum, and filter all pool surfaces in just 2-2 1/2 hours! In the words of our customers, “It makes having a pool more of a pleasure than a task”.