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Keep It Friendly: Pool Products for the Eco-Conscious Consumer.

If you have been to your local pool store recently you have seen a rise in products claiming to save you time and energy on your pool. But with so many options, how can you be sure what product is right for you? It is all in the research, take the time to investigate the science and claims behind new products. Because researching can be a job within itself, I have provided a quick look at two innovate new products that combine cutting edge technology with impressive eco-friendly features. Aquamoto’s Helix Stage One Pre-Filtration System and the Del:AOP system.

The Helix, Stage One Pre-Filtration System

  • The Helix is a brilliant pre-filtration device that is designed to save thousands of gallons of water. It substantially reduces backwashing and filter cartridge maintenance. The Helix has no moving parts to wear and tear, and no filter media to clean or replace!

Now, you may be asking yourself;

“What is pre-filtration?” or “Why would I filter my water before the water is filtered?”  Both are great questions.

let’s take a quick look at pre- filtration

  • Think of pre-filtration as a strainer. Large particles are caught by a coarse mesh, while open holes allow for fine particles to pass through
  • This dramatically reduces the ‘load’ on the main filter and cuts back on filter cleaning cycles.
  • It can also produce better water quality. If pre-filtration devices are used, the life of equipment such as pumps and filters can be extended. Pre-filtering can also prevent damage to other equipment such as pool heaters and salt chlorinators.

So now that we know why pre-filtration devices are important, let’s look at what makes the Helix so special.

Based on the principles of centrifugal water filtration – the Helix collects 80% of the debris that clogs your filter before it gets there.

  1. Pool water enters 16 hydro cyclones, generating a strong centrifugal effect.
  2. The sediment is then spun out to the  wall, and spirals down into the sediment chamber.
  3. The filtered water travels towards the center and spirals upwards through the outlet.

This means only 20% of the dirt load reaches the filter. Reducing backwash frequency by 1/5th!

Installing the Helix as a pre-filter to a cartridge filter can reduce cartridge cleaning and replacement to once a season, depending on the size of the filter.

AOP: Advanced Oxidation Process

This powerful piece of equipment utilizes a germicidal UV Light (UV-C) in conjunction with Ozone to produce an incredibly powerful oxidation agent.

The Break Down

UV-C is part of the invisible light spectrum produced at a particular wavelength. At 220-280 nanometers, UV-C kills pathogens at an NSF-certified rate of more than 99.9% by disrupting their DNA structure and preventing reproduction. UV-C also destroys chloramines by breaking down the molecular structure.

Ozone is also a part of the invisible light spectrum, generated at the wavelength of 180-220 nanometers. It breaks down waste compounds produced by swimmers or environmental conditions on contact .Ozone is a powerful clarifier or micro flocculant. Manufacturers say that it can reduce the consumption of chlorine up to 50-75%.

UV-C and Ozone are effective oxidizers alone but combined together the two create the most advanced oxidation process available capable of eliminating the need for weekly shocking!

Both the Helix and the AOP are on the forefront of pool advancements. Providing smart solutions for safe swimming water,while taking responsible steps towards water conservation and chemical reduction.

Erica Clayborn
Erica Clayborn