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Product Review: Purity Pool Leaf Rakes

Introducing the Purity Pool line of pool nets. These guys have pool nets down to a science. Purity Pool specializes in scoops and rakes with durable, lightweight frames with replaceable parts. Avoiding the increased weight and cost inherent with stainless steel, Purity uses aluminum alloys with an in-house heat treatment technique that makes them wicked strong. Checkout the line-up below.

Pictured above is the Red Baron Pool Net. All the Purity Nets feature replaceable nets and lips. This net is a great choice for pool owners and pool professionals. Back in my pool cleaning days it was my net of choice. Designed and manufactured here in the USA, it has the most design features of any net we have ever used. The dimensions of this net are 20″ wide by 10″ tall, and 18″ deep. The black bag, “Tuff Duty” is a durable black mesh that has triple stitched reinforced seams. The bag on this net will outlast any residential leaf rake on the market. This bag gives you the best of both worlds, durability and low drag when netting through the water. It glides through the water with ease.
The down turned leading edge makes for easy scooping of leaves and acorns off the bottom of the pool. All Purity nets feature replacement plastic rims and nets. When you finally do wear it out you don’t have to buy a whole new leaf rage, you simply order a renew kit for half the cost and you have a brand new net.

The handle, Purity calls the “Enforcer” features a Y-shaped support that relieves stress at the handle and distributes pressure along the aluminum red-baronframe. A special slot in the back provides easy access for replacement of the spring pole lock (delrin cip). The aluminum frame is very sturdy and is heat-treated to give maximum durability over the lifetime of the net.

If you are looking for an exceptionally strong pool leaf net, made in the USA that has replacement parts then Purity Pool has a net for you. Check out their large selection of different sizes and bag types. We stock many of them, as well as the replacement parts.