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When to Replace Pool Filter Cartridges

The purpose of your pool cartridge is to clean your pool water by capturing debris and decontaminates. It’s also important to keep your pool cartridges in good shape in order to keep a pool clean. Sometimes it can be noticeable changed in the filter cartridges and other times it can be subtle. Just keep that in mind when reviewing our recommendations for when to replace your pool filter cartridges.

No change in PSI

Change your pool filter cartridges if there is no change in your pool’s psi. It’s most likely that the cartridges are so old and clogged with contaminants that no amount of cleaning will completely remove.

Broken bands

The bands in your pool cartridges hold everything together and play a very important role in preventing the pleats of the cartridges from flattening out. The bands are under constant pressure and can break. If these bands are broken, the effectiveness of the cartridge filter can be compromised.

Dirty Pool

If you are working extra hard to keep you pool clean and it still seems like it needs to be cleaned more than usual, it may be an indication that it’s time to replace your filter cartridges.

Flattened Pleats

The pleats are designed to trap various particles when they pass through, however, when they are flattened out, the filter cartridge are no longer effective. This is one of the most common signs when you need to replace filter cartridges.

Broken Endcaps

The cartridge endcaps help hold the cartridge together. If the endcaps are broken, it exposes the filter pleats to chemicals and pressure, it can get weak and crack. While the endcaps often don’t break from normal wear and tear, it’s typical that the cloth or corrugated paper will likely wear out first.

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