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Sizing a Polaris Hose – PoolZoom Tips

Sizing a Polaris Hose

Get the perfect sized Hose for your pool size. If you own any of these Polaris Pool Cleaners, this guide is for you: Polaris 280, Polaris 380, Polaris 3900,

Hose Components

  • The Polaris hose has 2-10′ sections of supply hose and 1 – 10′ section of leader hose connected together by swivels.
  • The Universal Wall Fitting & Quick Disconnect attach the hose to the booster pump line.
  • The Backup Valve re-positions the Polaris as it runs.
  • The In-line Screen removes particles which could clog a jet in the Polaris cleaning head.

31 Feet of Hose

  • Quick disconnect fitting with black pressure release
  • Backup Valve
  • Swivels & Floats
  • In-line Screen

Why Size Your Pool Cleaner Hose?

  • A hose that is too long will wrap around itself causing poor coverage.

Sizing the Hose

  • Connect the hose to the wall fitting and stretch it to the farthest point of the pool.
  • It should be 6″ long or short of the farthest point.
  • Measure the excess and remove the entire hose from the pool.
  • The leader hose attaches to the cleaner head. It must be sized to the depth of the pool. If you don’t know the depth, measure the pool depth by using a telescopic pole.

  • Disconnect the leader hose at the swivel which connects it to the supply hose. Cut the leader hose to match the pool  depth and reattach it to the swivel.

  • Disconnect the 2 Supply hoses at the other swivel and cut off even amounts of the remaining excess, from each hose. Attach the Polaris cleaner to the leader hose and install.

Hose Example

  • In this example, the total hose is 8′ too long.
  • The depth of the pool is 6′
  • The Leader hose must be sized to the depth of the pool, so 4′ is removed from the Leader hose
  • After sizing the Leader hose, the total hose is still 4′ too long.
  • Disconnect the Supply hoses at the swivel and cut off 2′ from each
  • You have removed 8′ of hose and the total hose is now properly sized.