Zodiac FUSIONM Nature2 Fusion Soft Power Pack 120/240V

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Nature2 FUSIONM Power Pack powers the Nature2 Fusion Soft Salt Cell. It is used for stand alone systems, when there is no controller to power the cell. The Nature2 FUSIONM power pack converts AC power into low voltage DC current which is required to power the cell. It features a LCD display which monitors chlorine production, cell modes, salinity level, temperature, water flow and diagnostics. The power pack is connected with the pool circulation pump electrical source so that the electrolytic cell can only operate when the pool pump is on. The flow portion of the flow/temp/salinity sensor is a backup device only.

Nature2 120/240v Fusion Soft Salt Chlorine Generator & Mineral Purifier Power Pack. This is the power pack only, NOTE: Requires Separate Cell & Vessel Kit and DuoClear Mineral Cartridges

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Product Name Nature2 Fusion Soft Power Pack 120/240V
Manufacturer Part Number FUSIONM
Brand Zodiac
SKU CLW-451-1050
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