Solaxx ROB10A Harmony Robotic Cleaner and On Board Chlorinator

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Introducing Harmony, the only cleaner that scrubs dirt from your entire pool, including the waterline, AND uses salt sanitation to remove bacteria from the water. Total pool cleaning has never been done so easily and so beautifully. Harmony requires no installation and operates independently of your existing pool pump, saving up to 50% of your pool electrical costs. Because Harmony distributes chlorine while moving all over the pool, the result is even distribution of sanitizer to every part of the pool. Even dead spots where algae blooms and dirt accumulates. There is no other cleaner or inline salt system alone that can do what Harmony does for your pool! It's the perfect balance of clean and chlorine.

The Harmony system uses a compact electrolytic cell to produce chlorine on-site, from sodium chloride (salt) present in the pool. This process of pool chlorination occurs as pool water passes between a series of titanium plates which make up the cell. These plates have low current passing between them causing an electro-chemical reaction leading to the production of chlorine.

More Information
Product Name Harmony Robotic Cleaner and On Board Chlorinator
Manufacturer Part Number ROB10A
SKU SOX-20-0010
Brand Solaxx
Pool Cleaner Type Robotic
Type of Debris Medium
Type of Debris Small Leaves, Medium Leaves, Sand, Silt, Pile of Leaves
Booster Pump Required No, Booster Pump Not Required
Pool Type In Ground, Residential
Surface Type Plaster, Tile, Vinyl
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