About PoolZoom.com


We are pool people who appreciate technology and buying supplies at great prices. We know how frustrating it can be when your little ones want to use the pool and the pool equipment stopped working in 100-plus degree weather. Usually every store in town wants to charge you an arm and a leg and special order the parts for you, sometimes taking weeks to get received. Then you've got to go drive across town to pick them up... We take away all the hassle by shipping the parts straight to your door. Shopping at PoolZoom.com you get what you need, to your front door, economically and zoom zoom fast.

Some might call us the little guy of the pool supply and improvement world. Well, with only a handful of employees, it's true that we are no big-box pool store. But little guys can be speedy and we live up to that expectation. We respond to customer needs quickly.

Can't find what you need on our site? Send us an email through our contact form. You will get a reply from a real person who cares.



Our foundation has been pool parts. Providing you with an easy way of identifying your part, letting you know how long it will take for you to receive it, and giving you a quick and easy way of getting the order processed.

We hope you enjoy all the hard work we have poured into making this the best pool supply buying experiance! To all of you, from all of us at PoolZoom - Thank you and Happy Pooling!


-Team PoolZoom