Gladon Company PPB4000-15K 15' Round Perfect Pool Bottom Package

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The Gladon Perfect Pool Bottom Package combines two great products, the Perfect Pool Bottom and a Pool Cove, into an affordable package designed to protect your aboveground pool investment and extend the life of your liner. Perfect Pool Bottom protects your pool liner from rocks, glass, nut grasses and other substances that will puncture your liner. The Perfect Pool Bottom is easily installed on the floor of the pool before the liner is put in. Made of synthetic material that does not compress, providing comfort and greatly extending the life of the liner. Perfect Pool Bottom is an entire kit designed to totally protect your new liner and add years of life. The heart of this liner kit is perfect bottom hard, flat polymer that is placed under your pool to form a smooth bottom and protect your liner. Nothing can get through Perfect Pool Bottom, not roots, stones, glass or even NUTGRASS! With Perfect Pool Bottom even footprints are eliminated. Also included in the kit is pool cove which is used around the perimeter of the inside wall of your pool to protect your liner.
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Product Name 15' Round Perfect Pool Bottom Package
Manufacturer Part Number PPB4000-15K
Brand Gladon Company
SKU GAD-60-6170

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