Natural Chemistry 03220 Pool Perfect Concentrate - 2L

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Pool Perfect is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that break down; suntan oils, cosmetics, body oils, bather wastes, and other non-living organic contaminants. Pool Perfect works with all sanitizers and continually keeps filters cleaner longer. Pool Perfect also prevents black waterline rings. Just add to the water- no scrubbing necessary! Water stays silky soft and odor free. Pool Perfect contains our SMARTzyme technology. SMARTZyme technology wastes no time breaking down non-living organic materials. A small amount of Natural Chemistry's enzymes can treat large amounts of water due to their ability to bind to non-living organic contaminants and reduce them to smaller and smaller parts, breaking them down to their original components such as carbon dioxide and water.

Directions for use: 1. This concentrated formula requires 1oz (30ml) per 2,000 gallons (7,500L) of pool water per week. 2. Each week, add one capful (4oz) per 8,000 gallons (30,000L) of pool water. 3. Add product directly to pool water. Note: Do not add if chlorine is higher than 5ppm. Chlorine over 5ppm will burn off the product making it ineffective.

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Brand Natural Chemistry
Product Name Pool Perfect Concentrate - 2L
Manufacturer Part Number 03220
SKU NAT-50-924

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