Aquamoto 10-55242 EcoPixel 24" Glass Media Pool Filter with 2" Valve

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The fiberglass constructed tanks of the EcoPixel filters showcase the latest technology in filter construction. The fiberglass vessels contain an inner shell of polyester resin wound with a sturdy fiberglass filament, creating a seamless one-piece design. The refined consistency and unmatched quality of Ecopixel filters,make it possible for a 10 year tank warranty. Featuring 2″ plumbing on the oversized backwash valve and filter internals, they require less energy than any other media filters to operate. The innovative lateral design provides effective coverage of the filter bed and balanced water flow, making it ideal for energy efficient pumps. That means lower pressure, longer life, and lower energy bills.

  • Faster backwash, uses 30% less water.
  • Tough fiberglass wound construction
  • Branched high density lateral design
  • Ideal for energy efficient pumps
  • 10 Year Tank Warranty
  • 280 lbs Pixel Media Required (7 Bags)

10 Year Tank Warranty

Condifence is in the warranty. The Aquamoto filter are construction of the highest quality fiberglass that they are backed by a 10-year tank warranty, and a 1-year warranty on all other components.

Exceptional Flow

Designed with 2″ valve ports, and a 2″ internal stand-pipe assembly with a branched lateral assembly that reduces the filter’s overall resistance to water flow. This means it takes less energy to move one gallon of water through the filter as compared to traditional sand filters.

High Density (HD) Lateral Design

EcoPixel filters are equipped with HD “branched” laterals, this innovative design improves filtration and backwashing hydraulic efficiency. The HD Lateral assembly gives the EcoPixel complete coverage of the filter bed, utalizing more area of the filter media for the filtering process. Since the the water flow is significantly increased, thus reducing the backwash time leading to a 30% savings of water.

Model A B C D E F G
10-55242 42.7″ 35.6″ 31.6″ 28.9″ 24.4″ 19″ 5.6″

Technical Specifications

Model Valve Size Inner Tank Diameter Filter Area Bed Depth Max Flow Pixel Glass Pearl Media Crushed Glass Media Sand Media Zeolite Media
10-55242 2″ 23.6″ 3.01 ft2 11.61″ 59.7gpm 377 lbs 341 lbs 280 lbs
More Information
Product Name EcoPixel 24" Glass Media Pool Filter with 2" Valve
Brand Aquamoto
Manufacturer Part Number 10-55242
SKU AQM-10-55242
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