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Dolphin C6 Plus Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner



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Quick Overview

Dolphin commerical robotic pool cleaners are the choice of thousands of commercial pool operators in hotels, country clubs, spas, schools and public and private swim centers worldwide. Bringing together nearly 30 years of expertise in pool cleaning, Dolphin's commercial robotic pool cleaners are built for heavy-duty, cost-effective pool cleaning and designed to work with minimum intervention.

Hands off cleaning. This heavy-duty, fully automated commercial cleaner effectively and efficiently cleans large aquatic facility pools up to 121 feet. Clean the pool overnight and be ready for guests in the morning! Backed by 2 year quality assurance. Caddy included.

The power of two robots in one with an extra-wide cleaning path. Four powerful scrubbing brushes loosen, lift and suction tough dirt and debris from the pool's floor, walls and waterline, leaving the water exceptionally clean and healthy.

Enhance guest satisfaction. Fine and ultra-fine dual level, high-capacity filtration bag system circulates thousands of gallons of water per hour, capturing all types of debris, leaving the pool water polished, enhancing water quality and guest satisfaction.

Reduce man-hours related to pool cleaning freeing up more time for maintaining other aspects of the facility. Multiple cleaning options and remote control allows for fast and efficient operation, minimizing cleaning downtime, keeping your pool open for guests to enjoy.

CleverClean Technology paired with a unique gyroscope system delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning and complete pool coverage.

What's in the box?

  • Dolphin C6 Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • 131 ft Swivel Cable
  • Power Supply
  • 2 sets of Filter Bags, 1 Fine and 1 Ultra Fine
  • Pro Remote
  • Caddy

Completely plug and play. Pumps, filters, scrubs, and brushes right out the box.

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Product Overview


Dolphin C6 Plus

Ideal for Pool Sizes Ideal for up to 121 feet
Cleaning Cycle time 4, 6 and 8 hours
Filter Type Bottom Load, Fine and Ultra-Fine Filter Bags
Number of Brushes 4
Pool Cleaning Coverage Floor, Walls and Waterline
Drive System CleverClean
Cable Swivel Yes
Warranty 2 Years - Limited
Weekly Timer No
Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel


Precision Navigation
Powered by CleverClean™ Technology

CleverClean™ coverage is powered by an advanced navigation system and

scanning software. This ensures that your pool – walls and floor – are cleaned

using the most efficient route. So smart, the system automatically navigates

around obstacles and quickly returns to its route.



Highly Effective Brushing
Double the power.

The C6 Plus expertly cleans the pool floor, walls and waterline with maximum effectiveness 

and efficiency.



Bottom Load Filter Bags
High capacity filtration.

Advanced, dual-level, bottom-loading filtration system leaves water clear and free

of hair, dust, insects and other debris. 



Clean your Pool Overnight
Open longer for guests to enjoy.

Easy to use, fully automated commercial robotic clenaer with remote control

and multiple cleaning cycles. Fast and efficient operation minimizes cleaning

downtime, keeping your pool open for your guests to enjoy.



Long-Term Operation
Backed by 2 year quality assurance.

Heavy-duty cleaning performance with robust reliability for long-term effective

operation. Dolphins are designed with quick and easy repair in mind. 

Commercial Unit Comparison Chart

Dolphin C3
with CleverClean

Dolphin C4
with CleverClean

Dolphin C5
with CleverClean

Dolphin C6 Plus
with CleverClean

Colors Gray, Black Gray, Black Gray, Black Gray, Black
Pool Size IG 50 ft IG 68 ft IG 88 ft IG 121 ft
Cable Length 60 ft 78 ft 98 ft 131 ft
Cleaning Coverage Floor, Wall &
up to Waterline
Floor, Wall &
up to Waterline
Floor, Wall &
Floor, Wall &
Mobility CleverClean (CC)
CleverClean (CC) Technology CleverClean (CC) Technology, Gyroscope System CleverClean (CC) Technology, Gyroscope System
Number of Brushes 2 3 (1 active) 2 4
Filtration Access Top Top Bottom Bottom
Cartridge: Fine and Ultra-fine.

Cartridge: Fine and Ultra-fine.

Bag: Fine and Ultra-fine.

Bag: Fine and Ultra-fine.
Filter Capacity Large Extra-Large Extra-Large Extra-Large
Bluetooth On/Off No No No


Bluetooth Remote
No Yes, Basic Yes, Pro Yes, Pro
Automatic Timer
for Cleaning Cycle
No No No Yes
Cleaner Weight 24.6 lbs 24.6 lbs 29 lbs 42 lbs
Timer for Weekly
Cleaning Cycle
Programmable No Programmable Programmable /
Cable Detangle Advanced Anti-tangle
Software with Swivel
Advanced Anti-tangle Software with Swivel Advanced Anti-tangle
Software with Swivel
Advanced Anti-tangle
Software with Swivel
Obstacle Avoidance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cycle Time 1 / 2.5 hours 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 hours 4 / 6 / 8 hours 4 / 6 / 8 hours
Quick Clean Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months

Specs & Details

Product Name Dolphin C6 Plus Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner
Manufacturer Part Number 9999356-C6P
Sku MAY-20-1073
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