DEL Ozone EC-10 DEL Ozone 25, Ozone Generator, up to 25k Gallon Pools

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Del Industries Ozone 25 - Advanced Plasma Gap (APG) Ozone Generator:  DEL's ozone systems provide clean, clear, and safe water for your pool, as well as a significant reduction in chemcial use. Featuring DEL's exclusive APG technology, our ozone systems provide modern technology, high performance, and unsurpassed life expectancy. 

• DESTROYS 99.9% OF VIRUSES & BACTERIA - including Cryptosporidium parvumGiardia, and Other Chlorine Resistant Microorganisms

Ozone is much more powerful than chlorine and other sanitizers. In ozone systems, the ozone molecules react with dissolved, waterborne contaminants in a series of strong oxidation reactions. Working with a residual sanitizer, a DEL Ozone system creates a safer, cleaner pool.

Capacity: 7000 - 25000 gallons, Voltage Rating: 120/240 V, Dimensions: 14.1 Inch Height x 7.8 Inch Width x 3.2 Inch Depth, 0.1 A, Frequency Rating: 50/60 Hz, Operating Temperature: 30 to 120 deg F, Ozone Output: 0.25 gm/hr, Air Flow: 15 scfh, Powdercoated Galvannealed Steel, 12 W Wattage

Note: CMP recently acquired DEL Ozone into the CMP line of pool products. The label may look different as CMP integrated all the DEL Ozone products into their line. Previously known as the Eclipse 10.

EC 40 6

Unlike the Oxygen we breathe (O2), Ozone is a powerful oxidant made of 3 oxygen atoms (O3). The third oxygen atom in Ozone has a weak bond, which breaks off and destroys foreign bodies in the water. Ozone can safely kill pathogens, microorganisms and both organic and inorganic contaminants through oxidation.

Installation Diagram

The  DEL Ozone 100 system is designed for easy installation on both new and existing residential pool applications. The ozone generator is easily wall mounted and connects to the pool timer. The automated system injects ozone through an Injector Manifold. The Manifold (sold seperately) is installed in the return line following the filter and heater. To eliminate the potential for ozone bubbles in the pool, an MDV Kit is optional to ensure that all ozone is removed prior to the return line re-entering the pool.

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Product Name DEL Ozone 25, Ozone Generator, up to 25k Gallon Pools
Manufacturer Part Number EC-10
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