U.S. Seal PS-3865 Heavy Duty Salt and Ozone Service Shaft Seal, VITON CARBON

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This is the heavy duty version of the PS1000 seal.

This part fixes the following symptoms: Leaking between the motor and the seal plate (mounting plate.) If this seal leaks for to long, water will leak down the motor shaft and into the motor, ruining the motor. If your motor is making a loud screaming noise, this has probably already happened and is advised to replace the motor. Always replace this mechanical pump seal when dismantling the pump.

This seal is the same 5/8" shaft seal as AS-1000/PS-1000 but this seal is for Ozone/Salt water applications.
Seal comes in two pieces, ceramic seat with rubber back and carbon face with spring and cup. It is recommended you put silicone sealant on the back side of the stainless steel cup before installing it. This helps prevent water from leaking from where the stainless steel cup makes contact with the plastic seal plate. It is very important not to get silicone on the face of the seal. Make sure that when you press it in, it goes all the way down. A "bottoming out" feel is normal. We use a 1" PVC coupling to "pop" it in.
More Information
Brand U.S. Seal
Product Name Heavy Duty Salt and Ozone Service Shaft Seal, VITON CARBON
Manufacturer Part Number PS-3865
Substitute Part Numbers PS-1000, AS-1000
Obsolete No
Substitute available Yes
SKU USS-60-5010
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