Swimline LI1218CFO 12'X18' Oval Ocean Reef Overlap Liner, 48-52" Depth (SG)

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Product Name 12'X18' Oval Ocean Reef Overlap Liner, 48-52" Depth (SG)
Manufacturer Part Number LI1218CFO
Brand Swimline
SKU AG-LO-144320
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You're reviewing:12'X18' Oval Ocean Reef Overlap Liner, 48-52" Depth (SG)
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Product Faqs

  • Do I need coping strips with an overlap liner?

    Yes! Check the Related Products below for the overlap coping strips. There is a chart on that product page which shows how many strips you will need for your pool size.

  • What is an "Overlap" liner?

    Overlap liners are the most popular type of replacement above ground pool liner. Overlap liners are designed to fold over the top of the pool wall, in a way that excess liner hangs over and down the outside of the pool wall. This means you can see the excess liner from the outside of the pool. If you purchase a solid color, it doesn’t matter how much liner is over the wall around the pool perimeter, because there is no pattern. However, if you purchase an overlap liner with a pattern, it can be difficult to install the liner so that the overlap is even around the outside, and the printed pattern is even with the waterline around the inside of the pool. This is why most liners with a pattern use some type of hook at the top of the wall.

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