Aladdin 631 Magic Lube 5 oz. O-Ring Lubricant

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Magic Lube® is a PTFE based, multipurpose sealant/ lubricant that can be used in both wet and dry environments with a temperature range of -10° to 425°F. It forms a durable, adhesive film that prevents contact, even under severe shock loads. Specially formulated to be non-melting, non-volatile, and waterproof, Magic Lube® has been USDA H-1 rated to be environmentally safe. It is chemical resistant and compatible with most metals, rubbers and plastics. It is commonly used on motors, o-rings, gaskets, bearings, waterfilters and much more. 5 oz Tube
Tech Note : Do not use and petroleum products on rubber o-rings and gaskets. It is surprising how many people are not aware that petroleum based products corrode rubber. This can be a real problem because many of the most popular lubricants on the market are petroleum based. Magic Lube is the ideal product for lubricating all the p-rings in the pool. All our service men carry it with them for all o-rings in and around the pool and spa application.
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Brand Aladdin
Product Name Magic Lube 5 oz. O-Ring Lubricant
Manufacturer Part Number 631
Obsolete No
SKU ALA-60-1001

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