Gladon Company PC192 Pool Cove, Peel and Stick (48”)

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Pool Cove, Peel and Stick (48”). Gladon Original Cove is a 3" x 4" preformed triangle cove made from chemically neutral Ethafoam®, and is safe for use with all pool liners. Lightweight and easy to handle, Gladon Original Cove comes in 48 inch long sections that bend easily without breaking and are compatible with all pool brands. Its unique black plastic backing strip makes it easy to install in most makes of pools. The plastic backing strip locks each section of cove into the bottom rail, allowing it to move as the pool wall expands and contracts. Unlike sand or dirt, Gladon Original Cove can not be washed out and will not hold moisture against metal components. This feature reduces corrosion and may add years of life to a pool and its components.
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Product Name Pool Cove, Peel and Stick (48”)
Manufacturer Part Number PC192
Brand Gladon Company
SKU GAD-75-5608

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