Nature² W20750 Spa Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge Stick

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The Nature2 Mineral Purifier is a purifier cartridge that slips inside the spas filter and last four months. It assists the sanitizer by reducing the amount of sanitizer required to keep the spa clean. Use in conjunction with bromine or chlorine, and a non-chlorine MPS shock. When using the Nature2 Mineral purifier you can safely reduce the bromine level from 3ppm to 0.5pp. It will dramatically reduce the amount of bromine sanitizer needed to keep the spa water clean and clear. As water is filtered it flows through the Nature2 purifier cartridge, where a non-electrical reaction takes place that "activates" oxygen to kill bacteria, algae, and viruses. Compatible with ozone and bromine. Assures an odor-free spa. Significantly improves look & feel of water. Simplifies water balance — it's unaffected by heat. Lasts four months.

The Perfect Spa Experience Without Harsh Chemicals. Use Nature2 with Cense (non-chlorine shock with aromatherapy) for the ultimate mineral spa experience. This powerful combination gives you a complete sanitizing system with all the oxidation and bacteria-killing power you need for a safe, luxurious spa experience without the need for excessive chemicals such as chlorine or bromine.

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Brand Nature²
Product Name Spa Mineral Sanitizer Cartridge Stick
Manufacturer Part Number W20750
SKU FOU-45-112
Pool Type Spa/Hot Tub
About the Manufacturer
An industry leader for over 18 years, Nature2 is the most successful mineral-based system on the market - installed in over 300,000 pools and spas worldwide, and carried by more than 5,000 dealers. With patents worldwide, this low-chlorine alternative truly is the future of pool maintenance.
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