PoolTux Stock Safety Pool Covers

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Stock Safety Pool Covers
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Whats in the box?

Every covers comes with:

  • The safety cover
  •  Stainless steel springs with covers
  • Strap hardware
  • Concrete deck anchors
  • Anchor tamping tool
  • Instillation rod
  • Safety cover storage bag

Safety Cover Series

Cover Materials

Performance Specifications



Burst Strength


Material Features


Heavy Duty Mesh King99 Series

A light-weight, ultra-fine weave mesh blocks 99% of sunlight and filters fine dirt particles down to 40 microns. Rain and melting snow simple drain through the mesh. Excellent all-climate performance in a low maintenance, easy care cover.

SUPERIOR 7 oz 670 PSI Self-Draining Mesh Superior Tensile Strength and Abrasion Resistance




Standard Mesh Royal Series

This durable micro weave fabric has the highest abrasion resistance and tear strength in its class. It filters debris and dirt while allowing water to freely drain through the mesh. A good choice for a combination of protection and value.

VERY GOOD 4.5 oz 385 PSI Self-Draining Mesh Excellent Tensile Strength and Abrasion Resistance; Lightweight Material




Heavy Duty Solid Emperor Series

Our solid cover is a complete barrier to sunlight, dirt, debris, and water. Heavy-duty construction provides protection from the elements and prevents algae growth, which helps for faster spring pool openings.

VERY GOOD 12 oz 400 PSI Aquaduct Drain PVC Laminated for Extra Strength; UV and Mildew Resistant




Light Weight Solid King Series

Our light weight 7 oz. solid cover will provide a 100% barrier against sunlight and debris. This fabric is UV and mildew resistant and easy to handle. Available in green and blue.

GOOD 7 oz 350 PSI Invis-A-Drain, Mesh Drain Panel or Pump Lightweight Material; UV and Mildew Resistant




Extreme Heavy Duty Commercial Mesh

The 9000MX is engineered for a new level of protection Built with reinforced mesh, box stitched thread at critical webbing joints and equipped qith heavy-duty suspsion, this cover is designed to exceed expectations and is appropriate for demanding applicaitons.

MAXIMUM 8 oz 890 PSI Self-Draining Mesh Maximum Tensile Strength, Abrasion, Resistance and Bust Resistance




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Product Faqs

  • Can i send you pictures to get your advise if a stock cover will work for my pool?

    Yes! We encourage you to send us a few pics showing your complete pool to [email protected] to we can help determine if a stocksafety cover will work for you!

  • Is the cover returnable once i have opened it up and tested it on my pool?

    Unfortunately once a stock cover has been opened and attempted to be installed it is non-returnable. If you have any concerns on wither a stock cover will work for your pool, please send them along with pictures of your pool to [email protected] so we can address any issues prior to ordering.

  • I currently have anchors in my deck from a previous safety cover. Will a stock cover match up to my current anchors?

    Most likely it will not match up. You have a few options:
    1. If you still have your old cover you can send it in for free under the cover match program and have it replaced. This will insure that a the new cover will match up.See this link for more info
    2. You can buy the stock cover and match up what you can and re-drill what you can not. The new cover comes with all new anchors.
    3. You can send us a detailed drawing of the pool showing the distance between the lip of the pool and each anchor, along with the distance between anchor to anchor. We can send this to a designer at the cover manufacturer that can give us an idea if the stock cover will be close.

  • I have a handrail that is not removable in the deep end, can i still use a stock cover?

    Any object that is not removable within 12" of the lip of the pool will require you to purchase a custom cover. The cover will require cutouts around these objects which can not be added to a stock cover. Common objects that are non-removable are ladder handrails, step rails, slide support legs, waterfalls, diving boards. Remember that if you have an object like a diving board, but its more than 12" away from the lip you may be ok. If you have any doubts, please send us some pictures of the pool showing the non-removable object and we will give you our advise. Email [email protected]

  • I have a narrow deck on the back end of my pool, basically a 12" wide lip to grass. Can I still use a stock cover?

    The safety cover has wear guards under the cover that are approximately 18-24" long on each strap. They should provide adequate protection to the cover where it wears over the 12" wide deck lip. Its important during instillation of the cover to make sure those wear strips go across

  • I have a stock shape but the corners on my pool are rounded, will the stock cover still work for me?

    As long as the radius on the rounded corners does not exceed 2', then you can use the stock cover. The reason is that the wear strips on each strap are 18-24" long, and each wear strip must be properly placed on the lip or edge of the pool, so that each wear strip protects the entire cover from being worn by coming in contact with the deck surface / lip area. See this image to determine the radius

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