Solar Sun Rings Swimming Pool Solar Cover, Blue Sunburst, 5-Foot Diameter


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  •  Solar heat, heats the pool water during the day.

  • Thermal blanket effect to retain heat at night.

  • Reduces evaporation of swimming water and chemicals.

  • Drainage grommets in the top of the rings

    allows water to seep through the Solar Sun Rings without sinking.

  • Easy to clean and store.

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Product Overview

Solar sun rings are designed to heat a swimming pool by harnessing the power of the sun. These floating devices consist of durable materials like vinyl and plastic and are placed on the surface of the pool. When exposed to sunlight, the rings absorb the solar energy through their dark-colored top layer. This absorption process converts the sun's rays into heat. As the rings capture and transfer the heat to the pool water, they effectively warm up the entire swimming pool. Additionally, solar sun rings act as insulators, preventing heat loss by reducing evaporation and minimizing heat transfer to the surrounding air. By retaining the accumulated heat, the rings help maintain the water temperature even during cooler periods or overnight. Although solar sun rings may not be as efficient as dedicated solar pool heating systems, they provide a cost-effective and straightforward way to enhance the pool's warmth using renewable solar energy.

The amount of coverage needed for solar sun rings in a swimming pool depends on several factors, including the size of the pool, the desired temperature increase, and the local climate. Generally, it is recommended to cover a minimum of 60% of the pool's surface area with solar sun rings for optimal heating. This coverage allows for effective absorption of sunlight and minimizes heat loss due to evaporation.

How do the Solar Sun Rings stay on the surface of the pool?

Solar Sun Rings feature an inflatable design coupled with a durable 60-inch diameter outer tube that ensures the rings remain rigid and buoyant on the water's surface. The outer tube acts as a protective barrier, keeping the rings securely in place while preventing them from collapsing or losing their shape.

Specs & Details

Product Name Solar Sun Rings Swimming Pool Solar Cover, Blue Sunburst, 5-Foot Diameter
Manufacturer Part Number SSR-SB-02
Sku SSR-70-0007
UPC 894267002200
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