Leisure Time 45005 Test Strips Bromine

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  • BENEFITS: Helps measure the chemicals in your spa water; tests for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and bromine
  • USE: Immerse the test strip for 2 seconds, remove with the pads facing up, shake once to remove excess water, and read immediately
  • COMPATIBILITY: Bromine and ozone sanitizers in hot tub and spa systems
  • FEATURES: Fast and simple; easy-to-read chart on bottle; very accurate
  • INCLUDES: 50 testing strips
  • Leisure time bromine test strips
  • 50 strips per pack

What does it do? Why use it? (Key Features)

Tests the sanitizer, calcium hardness, alkalinity and pH levels of your spa water.

When do I use it?

Use at least twice per week or as needed to maintain your spa water's sanitizer level, calcium hardness, alkalinity and pH.

How to use/how much?

How to test your water: Immerse the test strip for 2 seconds. Remove with the pads facing up. Shake once to remove excess water and read immediately.

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Product Name Test Strips Bromine
Manufacturer Part Number 45005
Brand Leisure Time
SKU LST-47-101
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