Zeo Inc ZEOFIBER3LBS ZeoFiber Cellulose DE Replacement - 3 lbs

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Clearer, cleaner water with ZeoFiber.
Clearer, cleaner water with ZeoFiber. The cellulose fibers of ZeoFiber trap smaller particles, resulting in cleaner, clearer water. ZeoFiber is Environmentally Safe ZeoFiber is a renewable resource.ZeoFiber is a pure white cellulose fiber produced from wood fiber. ZeoFiber is a renewable resource that is a 100% biodegradable GREEN filtration media. ZeoFiber is a perfect replacement for diatomaceous earth (D.E.). For pool owners with sand and cartridge filters, the addition of ZeoFiber will give your pool water a more polished look and will remove oils not ordinarily filtered out by other filter media. Use ZeoFiber for Filtration In: Private Swimming Pools Commercial Swimming Pools Sand and Cartridge Filters as a Filter Aid NSF/ANSI-50 Approved for use in all D.E. Filters One Pound of ZeoFiber Replaces Eight Pounds of D.E. Open ZeoFiber is an all-natural, biodegradable and environmentally safe alternative to D.E. for use in all pools and spas. ZeoFiber is 100% pure cellulose fiber that filters better than D.E. (down to 2-4 microns) and gives your water a clearer, more polished look. ZeoFiber is Safe and Natural ZeoFiber is a blend of natural cellulose fibers that replaces diatomateous earth in pool and spa filters. In D.E. filters, ZeoFiber replaces the D.E. and safely cleans pool water. In cartridge and sand filters, ZeoFiber works as a filter aid and improves water clarity. ZeoFiber Benefits Safe and Natural Biodegradable Finer Filtration Longer Filter Cycles Easy to Use Economical
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Product Name ZeoFiber Cellulose DE Replacement - 3 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number ZEOFIBER3LBS
Brand Zeo Inc
SKU ZOI-06-103

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