Pleatco PFS1836 DE Filter Grid Set Complete 36 sqft (18" Tall Grids)

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Pleatco Advanced DE Filter Gird Set for 36 sqft DE Pool Filters. Complete Set of 8 grids. Grid set consists of 7 full sized grids and 1 partial, 8 grids total.


  • 18" tall
  • Full grid is 11" wide (quantity of 7)
  • Partial grid is 9-1/2" wide (quantity of 1)

Performance Durability Efficiency

Pleatco replacement DE Grids are constructed with a special reinforced center tube which creates a duct to funnel water from the outer most edges of the grid into the center and through the entire frame. The Pleatco design minimizes the amount of tension placed on the fabric giving it a longer life and requiring less energy to filter water. All of our grids are made with Pleatco Unique Filtration Fabric - a high performance woven polypropylene that contains only virgin resins to assure the highest strength and to maximize filtration. The Pleatco unique design increases the bond (snap together feature) between the different sections. Pleatco s "snap lock" feature keeps the sections from coming apart during filtration when significant torsion is created while water is in motion. Seams are stitched by our product team experts with a chemical resistant heavy 4 ply thread. Pleatco DE Grids are engineered to outperform and outlast any other..

Pleatco DE Grids are engineered to outperform and outlast any other DE Grids.


  • Pleatco Model Tags for easy reorder
  • Chemical resistant polypropulene fabric resists chemical degredation
  • Heavy-duty 4pt thread stiching
  • Reinforced center tube
  • Ridged yet flexible ABS plastic
The inner frame is built with high impace ABS material featuring a high strength to weight ration, these grid frames are noticeable lighter in weight while providing superior strength, performance and dependability.
Water pressure and exposure to pool chemicals, heavier 'old school' competitive grids become brittle, fractuting at the borners and nipple assembly over time due to the constant bending that occurs in the tank. Pleatcos flexibility allows for greater flow and provides longer product life.
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Product Name DE Filter Grid Set Complete 36 sqft (18" Tall Grids)
Brand Pleatco
Manufacturer Part Number PFS1836
SKU UNI-60-5181
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Product Faqs

  • will this replace my filter that reads FNS36

    Yes this is a direct replacement for an FNS36 grid

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