DEL Ozone MDV-100 MDV XL Mixing De-gas Vessel - for AOP 50

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Del Ozone MDV XL - Large Mixing De-Gas Vessel - for AOP 50

The MDV XL (Mixing De-gas Vessel) system prevents virtually all ozone bubbles from returning to the pool, eliminating bubble noise and visibility. It also protects pool covers, plumbing, and other surfaces from corrosion. DEL MDV XL utilizes

When water enters the MDV-100, ozone bubbles are allowed to float up and accumulate at the top as the water exits out the bottom.

The separated ozone passes through a float valve, and is then sent through an ozone destruct cartridge with Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC), destroying excess ozone gas removed by the MDV.arbon destruct.

Capacity : Up to 50,000 gallons


An MDV (Mixing De-Gas Vessel) should be used in all indoor, covered, and vinyl-lined pools when used in conjunction with AOP units.

MDV systems may also be used in outdoor applications to eliminate bubbles from your return flow. 

For the AOP 50, use MDV XL

Utilize the MDV-10-08 for the AOP 25  (SEE "Related Products" below)



mdv xl

By eliminating any off-gas, MDV units reduce the potential for corrosion or deterioration of pool accessories like a pool cover. They also allow use of an “oversized” ozone generator to ensure a greater disinfection margin and larger reduction in chemical use. In each MDV a Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) destruct cartridge destroys excess gas removed by the MDV.

The MDV XL should be used in all indoor, covered, and vinyl lined pools where there is an AOP 50 installed. It helps prevent virtually all ozone bubbles from returning to the pool, keeping those bubbles from gathering under the cover or inside plumbing


• Ground or Wall Mount

• Install after Pump, Filter and Heater

• Variable Speed Check Valve and Injector Manifold are Built into the Unit

• 2" PVC Unions

More Information
Product Name MDV XL Mixing De-gas Vessel - for AOP 50
Manufacturer Part Number MDV-100
Brand DEL Ozone
Substitute Part Numbers ZO-940
SKU DEL-45-913
About the Manufacturer
DEL Ozone manufacturers ozone generators for sanitation applications in swimming pools and spas since 1975. DEL pool and spa sanitation system helps pool owners get the safe, clean water they need to protect their families’ health with a lot less fuss than balancing water chemistry using chemicals alone.
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