Arch 62005 PooLife Alkalinity Plus Balancer 5#

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Poolife® Alkalinity Plus Balancer

Poolife® Alkalinity Plus balancer raises the total alkalinity of swimming pool water. The ideal total alkalinity range is 60-120 ppm. Maintaining total alkalinity below 60 ppm may cause the pH to fluctuate excessively.

Useful Tips

  • Test total alkalinity weekly and add this product if total alkalinity is below 60 ppm.
  • Use convenient dosage chart on product label.
  • Always adjust total alkalinity prior to adjusting pH.


1.5 lb per 10,000 gallons to raise total alkalinity 10 ppm.


Sodium Bicarbonate: 100%

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Product Name PooLife Alkalinity Plus Balancer 5#
Manufacturer Part Number 62005
Brand Arch
SKU LON-50-62005
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